Oil transformers type TMZ

Three-phase hermetic oil immersed transformers with capacity ratings 630, 1000 and 1600 kVA and HV up to 10 kV designed to be installed in substations as well as outside and inside buildings.

Distributions three-phase transformers TMZ are produced with nominal tension in primary winding 6 or 10 kV. Nominal tension in secondary winding is 0,4 or 0,69 kV.
Scheme and connection group of windings Yyn-0 or Dyn-11.

Design features

Transformers TMZ contain nitrogen cushion that provides additional protection against oil oxidation and compensates for variation of temperature, which affects the volume of oil.
For measuring the temperature of the upper layer of oil in the tank is installed electro thermometer with contacts.
To control the internal pressure in the tank and signaling the maximum values the pressure gauge is mounted.
In order to maintain the pressure, in the tank is mounted a special safety diaphragm which is actuated when the pressure in the transformer comes up to 0.75 atmosphere and the gases are expelled outside.

Dimensions and weight of the oil transformers TMZ

Technical drawing of the transformer TMZ 630 – 1600

Transformer type Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
L B H H1 H2 А Д Б Г К Oil Total
ТМЗ-630/10-У1 1900 1130 1500 1180 1185 820 860 170 120 120 560 2135
ТМЗ-1000/10-У1 2020 1160 1640 1320 1320 820 870 170 130 120 690 2620
ТМЗ-1600/10-У1 2230 1290 1990 1550 1550 1116 1170 170 130 130 960 4250