Oil transformers type TMB

Three-phase oil transformers to lower voltage type TMB with capacity from 25 to 1000 kVA. The high voltage of transformers is 6 or10 kV and they are designed to to be mounted for electric drilling rigs.
Transformers TMB are resistant to shocks and vibrations that occur during working of device and inclination of 12 °.
To increase the cooling surface of transformers TMB from 400 up to 1000 kVA the radiators are mounted.
Transformers TMB are manufactured at the rated voltage of the primary winding 6 or 10 kV. Rated voltage secondary winding is 0.4 kV.
Scheme and connection group of windings Yyn-0 or Dyn-11.

Design features

Transformer tanks are rectangular. On the opposite narrow walls of the tank are provided fixing holes in which the screws are tightened.
For mounting transformers TMB on the platform, and also to drag them to the appropriate distances are provided corresponding skids.
Transformers TMB are equipped with conservator, which provides the right amount of oil under all operating conditions of the transformer and fluctuations of ambient temperature.
In order to protect the oil from external weather conditions on conservator is mounted silicone dehumidifiers.

The dryer is filled with a sorbent which absorbs moisture before the entry air from outside inside the transformer.
To check the oil level on the side of the conservator is mounted floating magnetic oil level indicator.
To check the temperature in the upper layer of oil in the transformer tank is mounted thermometer.
Oil transformers with capacity ratings above 1000 kVA are provided with a Bochholz relay

Dimensions and weight of the oil transformers TMB

Technical drawing of the transformer TMB 400 – 1000

Transformer type Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
L B H H1 H2 A Д Г К Oil Total
ТМБ-400/10-У1 1780 1010 1730 990 985 660 960 110 10 410 1685
ТМБ-630/10-У1 2100 1200 2010 1180 1180 820 1150 120 120 550 2190
ТМБ-1000/10-У1 2200 1240 2050 1210 1220 820 1190 130 120 680 2820