Dry transformers TSZL

Dry three-phase power transformers to lower voltage with resin insulation and capacities from 100 to 2500 kVA are intended for installation in industrial and public buildings, which have increased requirements for fire protection and environmental protection.

Dry three-phase distribution transformers TSZL with resin insulation of the primary windings on the high voltage side are designed for 6 or 10 kV and a low voltage of the secondary winding for 0.4 kV. Scheme and connection group of the winding is Yyn-0 or Dyn-11

Design features

Dry transformers TSL are fire-resistant and can withstand very well work in the short-circuit conditions and are also easy to maintain and they are environmentally friendly. Thermal insulation class – F (155˚C).

Dry transformers TSL are produced with protective cover – protection class IP 21 or IP 23.

Low voltage windings are made of aluminum or copper foil. High voltage windings are made of aluminum or copper wire.

Technology of filling molds with epoxy resin in vacuum conditions provides the same high quality and high resistance in winding for short-circuit current.

Dry transformers do not require time-consuming maintenance: There is no need for sealing of the transformer tank and its protection against corrosion, as well as cleaning of the oil.

Dry transformers with epoxy resin cast windings require only air for cooling. There is no need to control the oil level and its purification.

Dimensions and weight of the dry transformers TSZL

Technical drawing of the transformer TSZL

Designation of the transformer Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
ТСЗЛ-100/10 У3 1510 1005 1480 870
ТСЗЛ-160/10 У3 1530 1005 1500 1200
ТСЗЛ-250/10 У3 1600 1100 1620 1360
ТСЗЛ-400/10 У3 1680 1100 1620 1590
ТСЗЛ-630/10 У3 1750 1210 1750 2005
ТСЗЛ-1000/10 У3 1880 1210 2200 2780
ТСЗЛ-1250/10 У3 2000 1260 2350 3210
ТСЗЛ-1600/10 У3 2110 1260 2450 3825
ТСЗЛ-2500/10 У3 2250 1460 2700 6120