Oil single-phase railway transformers type OMŻ

Single-phase oil railway transformers OMŻ with capacities from 1.25 up to 10 kVA for rated voltage of the primary windings 27.5 kV designed for electrical supply of rail traction
To increase the cooling surface of transformers OMŻ ribbed walls are mounted.
Railway transformers are manufactured for rated voltage of the primary windings 27.5 kV. Rated voltage of the secondary windings is 0.23 kV. Scheme and connection group of windings is 11-0

Design features

Transformers designed to be mounted separately on electric poles and connected to the permanent installation of electrical boxes and can also be used for other single-phase devices as proposed in project.
Regulation of the transformer is carried out by the switch, which is installed on the active part of the HV side.
Transformers OMŻ are equipped with conservator, which provides the right amount of oil under all operating conditions of the transformer and fluctuations of ambient temperature.

In order to protect the oil from external weather conditions on conservator is mounted silicone dehumidifiers.
The dryer is filled with a sorbent which absorbs moisture before the entry air from outside inside the transformer.
To check the oil level on the side of the conservator is mounted floating magnetic oil level indicator.
To check the temperature in the upper layer of oil in the transformer tank is mounted thermometer.

Dimensions and weight of the oil transformers OMŻ

Technical drawing of the transformer OMŻ

Designation of the transformer Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
L В H Н1 А
ОМЖ-1,25/27,5-У1 795 430 1150 550 400 175
ОМЖ-2,5/2 7,5-У1 795 430 1150 550 400 175
ОМЖ-4/27,5-У1 795 430 1150 550 400 185
ОМЖ-6/27,5-У1 820 460 1200 600 434 200
ОМЖ-10/27,5-У1 820 460 1200 600 434 220