Oil transformers for concrete and soil heating type TMOB

Transformers type TMOB with a natural oil for cooling are designed for heating the concrete and ground at an average air temperature below + 5 ° C
Oil immersed transformers for concrete and ground heating type TMOB are produced for the rated voltage of the primary winding 380 V. The secondary windings can be switched from star to triangle and vice versa using the main switch. Voltage regulation is carried by disconnected electrical supplies on 380 V side by the amount of ± 5% of the nominal value.

Connection Yyn-0 provides following output voltage 121 V, 103 V, 85 V and a current 301 A. Connection Yd-11 provides following output voltage 70 V, 60 V, 49 V and a current 520 A.

Design features

Transformers for concrete and soil heating type TMOB are equipped with conservator, which provides the right amount of oil under all operating conditions of the transformer and fluctuations of ambient temperature.
In order to protect the oil from external weather conditions on conservator is mounted silicone dehumidifiers.
The dryer is filled with a sorbent which absorbs moisture before the entry air from outside inside the transformer.
To check the oil level on the side of the conservator is mounted floating magnetic oil level indicator.
To check the temperature in the upper layer of oil in the transformer tank is mounted thermometer.

Dimensions and weight of the oil transformers TMOB

Technical drawing of the transformer TMOB

Transformer type Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
L B Н Н1 Б А Д И К
ТМ0Б-80 1100 480 1230 780 110 550 440 36 130 530